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Virginia breweries make PPE IPA to support frontline workers fighting COVID-19

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

byJohn Gonzalez/ABC7

STERLING, Va. (ABC7) — Beltway Brewing Co. started making hand sanitizer weeks ago, now they are working with another local brewery out of Lake Ridge, Water’s End Brewery. On Saturday, they release their PPE IPA. $6 of every 6 pack goes directly to Inova.

People Performing under Extreme conditions (PPE) is a collaboration IPA between Beltway Brewing Company of Sterling and Water's End Brewery of Woodbridge, in an effort to support those on the frontlines during these unprecedented times. It’s no secret healthcare workers and emergency responders are working overtime in extremely hazardous situations to protect and save us.

So the companies thought this was a great opportunity for the people of NoVa to return the favor by stepping up to protect them. They have also partnered with Inova Health and their COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Fund to create a delicious IPA recipe the masses will enjoy.

Additional details and the ability to order can be found HERE.

The official release for PPE IPA is Saturday, April 25th.


  • Donate $6 from every 6-pack sold

  • Give an initial donation of $3,000

  • Sell 700+ 6-packs in presale

  • Donate a second check for $3,000

  • Educate people on the importance of social distancing to protect our heroes on the frontlines

  • Bring Awareness to Inova's COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Fund

Read the original article from WJLA.

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