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Beltway Brewing Company is a state-of-the-art brewery that helps brewers of all sizes reach the next level, whether through product development, or brewing and packaging services. In addition to helping craft breweries perfect recipes, reach a broader audience, and scale for distribution, our atmospheric taproom serves our very own, award-winning, unique brews, providing a true haven for beer makers and beer lovers.



Beltway Brewing founder Sten Sellier—like many of his current customers—started out as a homebrewer with a big-time dream. Born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Sten took his Georgia Tech engineering degree to southern California and enjoyed a career designing automated material handling systems. During his 10-year stretch in California, Sten developed a passion for craft beer and made the leap into home brewing, experiencing the joy of designing his own recipes and the freedom of choosing the content and quality of his products. 


By 2011, Sten left his career to become a full-time brewer. However, when he started looking for an established brewery that would help him produce
his recipes while he built his brand, he found none that were willing or able to lend that helping hand.

Sten knew he wasn’t the only small-scale beer maker lacking the capacity, operations or know-how to reach a wider customer base. So, he decided to create a unique business of his own: a brewery dedicated to helping start-up and growing breweries expand their operations. Sten continues to build, grow, and expand the Beltway operation while sharing the passion and dedication that drew him to home-brewing in the first place.



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