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The Ability to Adapt with Beltway Brew Co

By Josh Barnhart

Beltway Brewing joins the crew of Small Batch Standard for this week's episode of The True Craft Podcast!

It’s now been over a year since COVID-19 shook up the world.

In this episode, we’re taking a retrospective look at the pivoting and ingenuity of the brewing industry, as we believe we’ll be able to learn from this for years to come.

Our season 2 co-host Jen Febre from MacLeod Ale starts off by giving the perspective of an LA brewery, how they navigated the early shutdown, and how they’ve coped with the current uncertainty of shut-downs in Los Angeles County.

Then we bring in our guest, Sten Sellier, founder and president of Beltway Brewing Company in Sterling, Virginia.

He talks about his initial reaction to last year’s COVID news, and Beltway’s early plans for pivoting, protecting customers, and transitioning to branded sanitizer.


Listen to the episode here

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