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Loudoun Brewing brews up #LoveLoudoun Amber Ale for a cause


By Jeff Clabaugh

WASHINGTON — Loudoun Brewing brews up #LoveLoudoun Amber Ale for a cause.

Leesburg-based Loudoun Brewing Company has produced a limited-edition Amber Ale named #LoveLoudoun, with a portion of the proceeds going to a Loudoun County scholarship fund.

Loudoun Brewing Company brewed 60 barrels of the beer at Beltway Brewing Co. It is now available at several restaurants and bars, three retail outlets and the National Conference Center.

“The idea came to me while I was at the Visit Loudoun business awards,” brewer Phil Fust told WTOP.

“Watching all these people applaud for one another, support one another and a big banner behind them that said ‘#LoveLoudoun.’ Being in the beer business it made perfect sense to name a beer #LoveLoudoun.”

Fust contacted Loudoun County’s tourism arm, Visit Loudoun, and suggested some of the proceeds of #LoveLoudoun beer sales be donated to the Visit Loudoun Foundation, which provides scholarships to students looking to pursue careers in the hospitality industry.

Fust would like his contributions to support his own industry.

#LoveLoudoun Aber Ale tap handle
#LoveLoudoun Amber Ale is on tap at several locations around Leesburg, Virginia. (Courtesy Loudoun Brewing Company)

“Perhaps we can find a brewer who is interested in going to brewing school, which is not an easy thing to do, and needs a little support, and with the thought that they will return to Loudoun County and continue to give back in terms of great beer production,” Fust said.

Fust said the beer itself is approachable to all beer drinkers.

“The hop heads will enjoy it because it’s got a bunch of cascade in it. The roasty notes come from a crystal malt. It is a little roasty, a little perhaps coffee tone to it, and it’s a beautiful red color,” Fust said.

Loudoun Brewing Company will hold a launch party for the #LoveLoudoun beer from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Dec. 18 at Ford’s Fish Shack Lansdown in Leesburg.

The beer is available in cans and on tap at Loudoun Brewing Company, on tap at all three Ford’s Fish Shack locations, as well as Spanky’s Shenanigans, Yummy Pig, Leesburg Public House and 14 Loudoun. It is available in cans at Parallel Wine & Whiskey Bar, Delirium Cafe, and at three Total Wine locations in Chantilly and Loudoun County.

View the original article on WTOP here.

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