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Developing Something Brilliant

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Beltway Brewing Company joins the list of innovative craft breweries that are creating their own hard seltzer. Beltway President, Sten Sellier, said that the main motivation behind this new product was the impact of Beltway’s contract clients. “As a contract brewer, when you have clients that approach you with new ideas and requests, you have to adapt and learn new

skills.” But to Sten, hard seltzer is more than just learning a new skill. “Beltway never does anything halfway,” says Sten, “We needed to become experts in this new product both in the actual brewing process and in recipe development.”

The best way for Beltway to become experts in a new product was to make their own. “Developing our own brand allows us to develop skills organically and freely experiment without affecting our clients’ needs.” Beltway wanted to stay true to their craft values: make something flavorful and unique that is not mass-produced. Their seltzer brand, Brilliant Craft Beverages, is something that Sten and the rest of the Beltway crew are excited about and proud of. As well they should be, Brilliant Seltzer is locally and thoughtfully produced, without having a health penalty, and has amazing flavor. As for the name, Sten says they chose the name Brilliant because it “highlights our unique flavor combinations, the uplifting experience they create, and our bright, innovative vision of what our brand is.”

Craft hard seltzer is definitely not something that Beltway views as just a trend. “It’s something that is going to stick around for a while, and we plan to grow with this new industry, providing the highest quality product possible whether it’s for ourselves or for our clients.”

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